Pazartesi, Aralık 31, 2007

Havana; bildiğimiz gibi

Ry played me a rough mix of the first album, shortly after he returned from his trip to Havana. In his usual understated way he just told me to “check it out. I think it’s pretty good.” Well, it was more than good. I was totally electrified when I heard the music for the first time. I had never heard anything that contagious, warm, lively and so full of heartfelt experience. I remember I heard that rough cassette over and over that night.

The next morning I asked Ry: “Hey, who are these kids you found in Havana? They’re incredible.” He laughed: “They are not exactly kids.” And then he told me about Ruben and Compay and Ibrahim and Omara and the others. You see I had no idea! When I heard his stories, I said: “If only half of this is true, I have to go for myself and meet these people.”

--Wim Wenders >>

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